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A Whole New Fuller House

I have ALWAYS been a huge fan of Full House Since I was a kid... I don't care that some say it's too "cheesy" or too "wholesome". Bring on the Wholesome Cheesy goodness I love all kinds of shows! And NOW that NETFLIX has picked up Full House and started making FULLER House, I have been OVER THE MOON!! I finished second season, and now not so patiently waiting for the 3rd season!! 

*SLIGHT spoiler=quote, not storyline lol*
The reason I am here however, is because Fuller House has been doing a GREAT job with the cute little "real life references" like Michelle being in New York and too busy to come back, as well as the totally adorable "Netflix" reference itself, You know... "if only there was a way to watch movies and TV without commercials"... So cute!! and the Lori Laughlin movie as well!! GREAT Stuff!! Watch the show to hear more of their cute little references! 

But the reference they did NOT mention, I will mention now!! I think the family needs to be watching a MOVIE TOGETHER, ALADDIN!! STEVE needs to WALK INTO THE ROOM and make a cute comment on how this was his FAVORITE movie EVER when he was younger or something, and that he always thought Aladdin was such a SMOOTH Talker and then he should do the Aladdin voice right there and they all clap and tell him how good he is at it and JOEY needs to comment on how accurate his impression is!!

Kellie Martin with Scott Weinger

OR EVEN BETTER a HALLOWEEN EPISODE!! Steve would Show up as ALADDIN at the Tanner house.... and DJ, unaware of Steves costume, dresses as Princess Jasmine (that would work either way whether DJ and Steve got together, or not. It would also totally work as the awkward Steve DJ/CJ moment 2 Jasmines and Aladdin) THAT would be TOTALLY adorable and funny, and TOTALLY make my day!! You heard it here first on #RandomRecognizer 

What do you think of my idea? Leave a comment or find me on Twitter or Instagram and let me know!!

Aladdin and his Lamp

Oh and just to mention, if you didn't KNOW Steve from Full House and Fuller House was Aladdin... Really? SERIOUSLY?? Where have you been??  

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Full House on IMDB  

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Image Used

Aladdin and his Lamp

Scott Weinger and Kellie Martin


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Desperate Munsters in the Burbs

WELCOME to this Segment Called

So back a few years ago, I was in the whole Desperate Housewives Craze, I STILL LOVE IT!

Well it isn't much of a surprise to most people who have taken the Desperate Housewives Tour on Colonial Street, that that several people moved in and out of that house throughout the seasons. Mr and Mrs Mullins, Betty Applewhite and her sons, etc....I noticed this back when I started watching, before the birth of #RandomRecognizer the blog.

And I have Always Loved the Munster's, and Though the home is a bit different, IT is EASY to spot it!!

 (screen capture from the online Desperate Housewives tour linked below!)

 Here is a shot from Desperate Housewives
Many people move in and out of this house throughout the seasons, 
I wonder why people kept moving...
Maybe it had a creepy vibe left over from The Munster's!?

If you can't see it, Here it is again without the title in the way

And here is The Munster's Home... See the resemblance? On first season (which is when I first spoted it, it looked More like the Munster's House)
I guess too many people could tell, so they Remodeled it for Second Season... BUT No one is fooling ME!

Here are the Applewhite's Moving In(?)
(I think they are moving in...or they could be moving out, 
so many moved in and out of this house, it's hard to keep track, 
I think it just had that 
Vibe, *See what I did there?* )

 There are the Applewhite's DEFINITELY Moving Out with her son,
with Susan Mayer's house right on the other side....

Here's that house again, also right next door to The Solis Family...

Now on to the REASON of my post...
A friend brought over a movie I hadn't seen in SO LONG, and my boyfriend HADN'T SEEN IT! I couldn't believe it, so we had to put it on!

Can anyone guess what it was??
That's RIGHT!!


But what is so interesting about


A Fantabulous Cast?
Well YES..... 
But What Else? Anything?

Your Neighbour/Neighbor You Say? Is it Really?
But which one?

Bet you can't guess who's house this is!
Looks CAN be deceiving!


Was it The Munster's? 
Nah, they moved out ages ago, 
Ricky Butler Lives there Now....

 Actually, it's Miss Pedersen...(EEEEEK!!)
Thank you Cor-ermm... RICKY!!
(And he's been saying "GO FOR IT" since the 80's!! YAY!!)

(PS Here is a poem I wrote and dedicated to 
Corey towards the cowardly haters out in the world!
 Real Person Real Feelings)

(ehem... can anyone else tell that Corey Feldman is ONE of My favorite actors of all time?   ANYWHO!!)

Img from Little Gothic Horrors
 (Asking Permission on Twitter, 
I will contact another way if no response. 
Thank you so much in advance!
GREAT Side by side IMAGE!!)

Lets move on!

Was It Susan Mayer? 
LOL NO, She hasn't moved in yet!! 
Who was there before her?

 Here is Susan Post Burbs, See the Munster's/Ricky Butler's home in the background?

How about The Rumsfields? 

 They are pretty interesting, kinda weird, but who isn't...  
no...(they are the "previous" owners of Susan Mayer home)

How about the Scavo's?
No one knows WHO lives here! 
And it isn't even GREEN yet!

NO no, its not really what I am talking about,

*but here's a cute little Tidbit!*
On the Colonial Street Wikipedia
They refer to this home as the DANA HOME!!
(I feel so special!!! My name almost appeared TWICE in the movie The Burbs... Kind of, The Scavo/Dana Home, and Ray Peterson
however, I am (Dana by birth) Daynah Pedersen BUT STILL!) 


Who could it be?

Another small Spoiler, If you haven't seen The BURBS, DON'T READ the following!

 I know it doesn't LOOK like the same home... because it isn't. If you remember, at the end of The Burbs, the home was TOTALED.... I wonder if they actually blew up the house filming it!? They had the home TOTALLY redone, and BOY was it NICE afterwords!

"You can't Be Serous!"

(Burbs Spoiler)
Oh but I am!
Bree would freak out if she knew her home was once home to a 
Psycho Doctor with skeletons everywhere

 See? There's Susan Mayer's House... 
RIGHT across the street from Bree Van De Kamp's! 


She must have had one HELL of a job 
#ReVanDeKamping the place, am I right? 
(since it has been seriously remodeled since The Burbs)
 Bree is DEFINITELY the one that could do it, though
 If anyone!... Unless Mike helped out!

That means that Ray and Carol Peterson lived at 
Paul and Mary Alice Youngs home!

(which ALSO happens to be Ward and June Cleavers Home.... 
for Leave it to Beaver!)

Here is a look at Wisteria Lane

(already free to put up according to GOOGLE)

*And with The Studio Tours Permission, 
I will also be able to put up THIS image

IMG from  
The Studio Tour History

*Personal Note to Studio Tours
There is a link back to you, if you allow it.
If it isn't OK, I am happy to take it down
(But it works so well with the comparison)
So a Warm Thank you in advance!

As you can see, they added a home  and made it a cul-de-sac 

(cutting Mike Delfino and Mrs Mcluskey out) 
If you watch this video below, 
Notice all the surrounding homes, 
(not the house they are all looking at 
(because THAT house was revamped 
and Changed to  Bree Van De Kamps home!))

Below is the Tour of Colonial Street Universal Studios Backlot!

AND wouldn't you know it!
Of course I spotted the Garbage MEN
What, you don't think they are relevant?


Notice the Garbage man without the baseball cap on?
Remember him from Gremlins and Gremlins 2? (played by Dick Miller)
That isn't all... THE OTHER garbage man is in GREMLINS 2 as WELL! (played by Robert Picardo)
As we all know, Corey Feldman was the adorable #gank (friend (the Chrismas Tree) in GREMLINS! 

Joe Dante love's putting the same actors, likely his favorites in all his movies... You will see them time and again in The Gremlins Movies, Innerspace (Richard Picardo) 
Small Soldiers (Dick Miller Delivery man) and 
Twilight Zone The Movie with a cameo from Dick Miller again, 
What does the 4th part of Twilight zone talk about? GREMLINS! 

I know I know, It's a remake, But Joe Dante was involved with SOME of it, and ALSO refers to it in the Gremlins Movies! 

John Lithgow plays the previous William Shatner's part from the original Twilight zone... (Nightmare at 20,000 feet)

*Another cute little tidbit... This movie came out only 10 DAYS before my beautiful incredibly talented baby sister was born... +Mig Windows 
Check her out on Youtube!
(I will always shamelessly plug her in any way that relates to her! <3 font="">

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If you haven't seen, Or would like to see any of these titles again, You can find them here on Amazon!

The Munsters: The Complete Series

The 'Burbs

Desperate Housewives: The Complete Collection Deluxe Edition

And for the finale, I TOTALLY forgot to post before, so I am posting now! Wait for it!!

Notable Links 

The Studio Tour
The official site of The Studio Tour
 of all the homes on Wisteria Lane, 
Someday I will get to go too,
 if it hasn't changed much for the next films/shows

 Desperate Housewives - Wisteria Lane On Youtube  

Some Spoiler Alerts HERE Beware if you haven't watched DH YET!

Universal Studios, Hollywood  Filming Location

 this is another Tour of the homes, with excerpts from the show, 

(some spoilers if you have not seen the show yet)

Colonial Street Wikipedia
A listing of all he popular homes on 
Colonial Drive that have been on TV and films

Desperate Housewives
4341 Wisteria Lane Wiki
The Munster's Home, 
Still the most popular Home on the lot, 
by far.  Scroll down to where you see 
Current Residents to see what the house 
looked like in Season 1
 (Looks like The Munster's to me!)

The Burbs on Wikipedia

 The Burbs on Youtube 
Change Link Later (Couldn't Share Correctly)

Little Gothic Horrors Blog
I came across this blog looking for Ricky Butlers House
on google. LOVE the blog, Definitely worth a look!

Maynard's Horror Movie Diary
I Actually found this one LINKED with the one above, 
Little Gothic Horrors  (they do joined posts)
Worth Checking out as well!

The Munster's Mansion
 This is NOT the original house, but the couple who 
built it in honor of the the show, and took extra time to
make sure it was he EXACT replica of the 
Munster's beloved home, inside and out!! PRETTY EPIC!

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